Over sweetened high humidity [imaginary and non-human] girls.

Plenty of niche variants... even facial bondage for fabulous patrons.



@1eq2 The last one with the girl with the lollipop is especially enticing! Very nice work on all of them.

@1eq2 First toot. Do you suppose you will ever set up a booth selling your art at Comiket? I actually thought you might had a booth.

@vubbub Comiket is always packed with people so I don't think so.

@1eq2 I see, pity. Would be nice to have an artbook of your works :cry_konata:

@1eq2 Your art is so pretty!! Finally somewhere i think i'll be able to really follow you!! husahaushaushausashuhaus ♥

@Tetisuka You found my hidden account😱 Beware of heavy stuff though!!

@1eq2 haushuashaushaushuashuas no worries ♥ Keep doing your great work! \o\

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