found my very first drawing of lilo, I did it back in 2014 made a few improvements but I wanted to keep the style from back then I want to do the same drawing again but with my new style but I don't have the time right now so maybe some time in the future.

here's the link to my old pixiv gallery I lost my password and my email so I have to move to a new one, there you can find some of my old drawings (mostly furry)

Lilo being extra innocent and curious about a few things. Stitch is happy to share.

Art by Soulcentinel

Oh yeah. Here's that old Hat and Bow image that took two years to finally show the uncensored version.


Got some sketches related to that musing story I did a short while back. You can read it here,

To start, with this picture. Stitch sometimes forgets that they are in public.

Art by Soulcentinel

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