Page one of my new Story with Mina. I wonder if I can finish it~

Let me know what you think of it! :blobcatcoffee:



@Senka Looks cool! 🤖
Would love to see how this develops ✨

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@11hall Oh my, you spend the time to get a robot emoji? How sweet ^^

How do you think it will go on? :)

@Senka Well, who knows?

Maybe the robot will do a crap job and get "serviced" for it in return?

Maybe their sassy demand works and they get the work done quick and cheap, proceeding on to some other interesting destination in the wasteland (a slum/village/"city"?) and meet interesting characters on the way?

I'm getting Primordia and Machinarium vibes from this image, so that certainly affects my thinking.

@11hall Just googled it, looks like two nice games oo


I wonder about servicing the robot...he has no "parts" like that xD
But maybe it could be an actual service, like oiling his limbs

@Senka If we're talking of the other meaning of "servicing", the robot could be used to service the customers instead. Fingering, fisting and all other kinds of pleasing. :totoro:

But robots, lolis and dystopian wasteland scenery is an interesting mix I don't see enough of, so I'm keeping an eye on this. 👀

@11hall True, he could do that ^^

I think I will let the story stay a bit more story-like and less pornlike. Not saying there won't be sex, just not in the "you ordered pizza? want some extra sausage?" type of story

@11hall The other characters definitely! But I yet have to design those ^^

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