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He hecho un dibujo de dos pokelolis: Eureka de la sexta generación y Hoshi, derivados del anime de Sol y Luna. Las dos son hermanas pequeñas, ¡Vivan las imoutos!

I have made a drawing of two pokelolis: Eureka of the sixth generation and Hoshi, derived from the Sun and Moon anime. The two are little sisters, long live the imoutos!

decided to spend a little more time on this one, it was annoying me every time i saw it. hopefully it will annoy me slightly less now

Algunos de los dibujos de mis Niñas de Shelijonia, en orden son: Alex y Sanae Pilsudski, Alsancia-Lorena, Martha Malan y Elizabeth von Schaffhaussen.

Some of the drawings of my Girls from Shelijonia, in order are: Alex and Sanae Pilsudski, Alsancia-Lorena, Martha Malan and Elizabeth von Schaffhaussen.

i thought about drawing himawari
and so i drew himawari

csp's servers on colorize tool were busy for so long i sketched this on sai while i waited :angry_laugh:

Terminando con otro dibujo de Josefina. Me he pasado un poco con su trasero, pero me da igual.

Finishing with another drawing by Josefina. I've had a little bit with her butt, but I don't care.

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